by Bella Stone

Hi I'm Bella,

I create educational and practical courses, programs and  workshops that guide women on how to build better lifestyle habits to reduce stress, anxiety, chronic illness and live more vibrant calmer lives. 

Do you have symptoms of chronic stress?  

Poor Sleep

Poor Gut Health 

Chronic Pain or Illness 

Mental Health Troubles

Stress Based Behaviours

Then you’re in the right place.

We can design a program or workshop just for you

We'll show you how  to build better lifestyle habits which reduces stress and consequently will help improve physical, mental and emotional health.

When we reduce stress we can...  

Reduce Illness 

Reduce Anxiety

Reduce Insomnia

Increase Focus

Increase Energy 

Improve Mental Health

Improve Gut Health

Courses, Programs & Workshops 


Breathe Yourself Calm 

6 Week Self-Paced Online Course 
An educational and practical course that guides you to build better habits and help you overcome the symptoms of chronic stress such as poor sleep, poor gut health and poor mental health.


Is This Course Right For Me?

 Healthy Habits, Calmer You 

8 Week 1:1 Personalised Program  
1x 60min Consult
7x 30min Weekly Guidance Calls 
Personalised Nutrition, Sleep & Exercise Guidance
Personalised Healthy Habits Day Planner
Breathe Yourself Calm Course Included*


Learn More About 1:1 Guidance

 Well-being Workshops 

Interactive Masterclasses 
Want to boost physical, mental and emotional health and well-being? 
Book an interactive masterclass for your workplace or group here. Sessions range from 45mins to 2hrs.
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What people are saying..

Hard to put into words how this course affected my life. It’s helped me reduce stress and calmed me down if I was ever panicking or feeling overwhelmed!" 
Leila S.
"I had no idea how much I needed this course until I took the leap and started it. My productivity and focus has doubled and I'm sleeping better than ever. I actually wake up feeling refreshed now!"
 Anna B.
"This course has literally changed my life! My sleep has improved, I have more energy and way less anxiety! I don't know why we are taught about reducing stress in school. 10/10 recommend!"  

Lily V.

About You, Me & Breathe Yourself Calm Course

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